Washington State Senate 1st Order

2016 Regular Session of the 64th Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate PAM ROACH, President Pro Tem
HUNTER G. GOODMAN, Secretary of the Senate SHARON BROWN, Vice President Pro Tem

February 24, 2016 - Wednesday 45TH DAY
Bill No. Description Committee Inf. Ref.
HB 1022 f Bail bond agreements LAW DP6 RULE
ESHB 1248 f Court proceedings LAW DP6 WM
SHB 2357 f Pollution insurance agency EET DP7 WM
EHB 2400 f Steel slag from electric arc EET DP7 RULE
SHB 2405 Notices, records, & parties LAW DP6 RULE
SHB 2425 Massage therapists HLTH DP12 RULE
ESHB 2430 Appliance water conservation AWRD w/oRec4 CL
EHB 2478 f Pollinator forage preserv. AWRD DPA4 RULE
SHB 2501 Confined person health info. LAW DPA6 RULE
HB 2587 Superior court judges' assoc LAW DP6 RULE
HB 2634 f Dairy farm nutrient uses AWRD DP4 RULE
ESHB 2700 Impaired driving LAW DPA6 TRAN
SHB 2730 f Prescription monitoring prg. HLTH DP12 RULE
EHB 2749 f Child welfare system perf. HSMH DPA5 RULE
HB 2773 Coroners/warrant authority LAW DP6 RULE
HB 2781 f Massage transfer programs HLTH DP12 RULE
2SHB 2877 f SNAP benefit dist. dates HSMH DP5 WM
Bill No. Description Committee Inf. Ref.
SGA 9221 GARY D. CHANDLER, Member, Work Force Training and Education Coordinating Board HIE BC6 RULE
SGA 9285 ALLYSON M. PAGE , Member, Columbia Basin College Board of Trustees HIE BC6 RULE
SGA 9302 FRIEDA K. TAKAMURA, Member, Renton Technical College Board of Trustees HIE BC6 RULE