1395-S AMH SMIN ELGE 166


SHB 1395 - H AMD 324

By Representative Smith


On page 2, line 3, after "(1)(a)" strike "A" and insert "Subject to (d) of this subsection, a"

On page 2, after line 21, insert the following:

"(d) A direct contractor who engages a subcontractor against which no wage claims have been filed under chapter 49.48 RCW within the previous three years is not subject to the provisions of this chapter with respect to claims by the employees of that subcontractor."

EFFECT:  Exempts from the provisions of the bill a direct contractor who engages a subcontractor who has had no claims filed against the subcontractor under the Wage Payment Act in the previous three years, with respect to claims by the employees of the subcontractor.

--- END ---