6168-S AMS BECK S7080.1
SSB 6168 - S AMD 1178
By Senator Becker
NOT ADOPTED 02/27/2020
On page 129, line 33, increase the General FundState Appropriation (FY 2021) by $1,364,000
On page 129, line 35, increase the General FundFederal Appropriation by $1,633,000
Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.
On page 140, after line 37, insert the following:
"(37) $1,364,000 of the general fundstate appropriation for fiscal year 2021 and $1,633,000 of the general fundfederal appropriation are provided solely to increase contracted medicaid rates for assisted living specialized dementia care."
EFFECT: Appropriates funding to increase contracted Medicaid rates for assisted living specialized dementia care.
FISCAL IMPACT (2019-2021): $1,364,000 Near General FundState/$2,997,000 Total Funds
FOUR-YEAR OUTLOOK EFFECT: $4,227,000 Near General FundState
--- END ---