6168-S AMS SHEL S7120.1
SSB 6168 - S AMD 1194
By Senator Sheldon
NOT ADOPTED 02/27/2020
On page 101, after line 24, insert the following:
"(14) Whenever a payment of two million dollars or more is made from the liability account under RCW 4.92.130 for a settlement or judgment for the tortious conduct of the state's officers, employees, or volunteers dating from tortious conduct in calendar year 2010 or later, the appropriate policy and fiscal committees of the legislature shall, within twelve months of the payment, conduct a joint hearing for the purposes of:
(a) Receiving a report from the attorney general, the office of risk management, and the agency on which behalf the payment was made. The report shall describe the factual events and legal context that resulted in the payment; and
(b) Considering potential modifications to state practices and policies to prevent or reduce future state liability for tortious conduct. The information presented at the hearing must be consistent with the protections afforded by the attorney-client privilege and the attorney work product doctrine."
EFFECT: Requires a joint hearing whenever payment of two million or more is made from the liability account for payouts dating from a tort incident in calendar year 2010 or later.
FISCAL IMPACT (2019-2021): None
--- END ---