ESSB 6168

This analysis was prepared by non-partisan legislative staff for the use of legislative members in their deliberations. This analysis is not a part of the legislation nor does it constitute a statement of legislative intent.

As Passed Senate, February 27, 2020

Title: An act relating to fiscal matters.

Brief Description: Making 2019-2021 fiscal biennium supplemental operating appropriations.

Sponsors: Senate Committee on Ways & Means (originally sponsored by Senators Rolfes and Braun; by request of Office of Financial Management).

Brief History:

Committee Activity: Ways & Means: 1/14/20, 2/24/20, 2/25/20 [DPS, DNP, w/oRec].

Floor Activity:

Passed Senate: 2/27/20, 33-16.

Brief Summary of Engrossed First Substitute Bill

  • Makes supplemental operating budget appropriations for the 2019-2021 biennium.


Majority Report: That Substitute Senate Bill No. 6168 be substituted therefor, and the substitute bill do pass.

Signed by Senators Rolfes, Chair; Frockt, Vice Chair, Operating, Capital Lead; Mullet, Capital Budget Cabinet; Billig, Carlyle, Darneille, Dhingra, Hasegawa, Hunt, Keiser, Liias, Pedersen and Van De Wege.

Minority Report: Do not pass.

Signed by Senators Brown, Assistant Ranking Member, Operating; Honeyford, Assistant Ranking Member, Capital; Becker, Schoesler and Wilson, L..

Minority Report: That it be referred without recommendation.

Signed by Senators Braun, Ranking Member; Muzzall, Rivers, Wagoner and Warnick.

Staff: Julie Murray (786-7711)

Background: The operating expenses of state government and its agencies and programs are funded on a biennial basis by an omnibus operating budget adopted by the Legislature in odd-numbered years. In subsequent legislative sessions, a supplemental budget is adopted, making various modifications to agency appropriations. State operating expenses are paid from the state general fund and from various dedicated funds and accounts.

Summary of Engrossed First Substitute Bill: The 2019-2021 biennial operating budget appropriations for the various agencies and programs of the state are modified. Budget summary materials are available online at under the Budget Bills & Documents header.

Appropriation: Various.

Fiscal Note: Not requested.

Creates Committee/Commission/Task Force that includes Legislative members: No.

Effective Date: The bill contains an emergency clause and takes effect immediately.

Staff Summary of Public Testimony: Please refer to the February 24, 2020 recording of the public hearing on the Senate AV Capture All website at:

Persons Testifying: Early Learning. PRO: Emily Murphy, Early Learning Action Alliance, Children's Alliance; Erin Haick, SEIU 925; John Burbank, Economic Opportunity Institute.

Employee Compensation. PRO: Matt Zuvich, Washington Federation of State Employees; Seamus Petrie, Washington Public Employees Association.

Higher Education. PRO: Marc Webster. Washington Student Achievement Council; Carolyn Brotherton, AFT Washington; Becca Kenna-Schenk, Western Washington University; Steve DuPont, Central Washington University; Nate Humphrey Workforce Education Director, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

OTHER: Matthew Sutherland, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Graduate and Professional Student Association; Joe Dacca, University of Washington; Briahna Murray, The Washington Center; David Buri, Easter Washington University; David Knutson, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.

K-12 Public Schools. PRO: Gene Sementi, West Valley SD; Michelle Price, North Central Educational Service District; Marcus Morgan, Reardan-Edwall School District; Brian Sims, Washington State School Directors Association; Dave Mastin, OSPI.

OTHER: Lorrell Noahr, Washington Education Association; Janice Kutzera, Washington State PTA; Amy Brackenbury, School Nurse Organization of Washington.

Mental Health. PRO: Sean Graham, Washington State Medical Association; Len McComb, Washington State Hospital Association; Brad Banks, Washington Home Care Coalition.

OTHER: Seth Dawson, Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention; Bob Cooper, Washington State Association of Drug Court Professionals; Brad Forbes, NAMI Washington.

Natural Resources. PRO: Carolyn Logue, citizen; Paul Jewell, Washington State Association of Counties; Bruce Beckett, American Forest Resource Council.

OTHER: Gerry O'Keefe, Washington Public Ports Association; Brian Sims, Washington State School Directors Association; Dawn Vyvyan, Yakama Nation, Puyallup Tribe, Sauk-Suiattle Tribe; Angus Brodie, Deputy Supervisor for State Lands, Department of Natural Resources; Peggen Frank, Stillaguamish Tribe.

Other Human Services. PRO: Julie Watts, Washington State Budget and Policy Center; Kenny Pittman, Catholic Community Services of Western Washington; Amy Brackenbury, Public Health Roundtable; Jeff Gombosky, Washington Health Care Association; Alyssa Odegaard, Leading Age Washington.

OTHER: Adrienne Stuart, Develpmental Disabilities Council; Laurie Lippold, Partners for Our Children; Diana Stadden, The ARC of Washington State; Jim Theofelis, A Way Home Washington; Kimberly Mays, Parent Ally; Dorothy Gorder, citizen; Bonnetta Barnett, citizen; Sandra Rozier, citizen; Katie Biron, citizen; Leslie Emerick, Home Care Association of Washington, Washington State Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Washington Acupuncture and Eastern Medical Association; Janica Lockheart, Children's Home Society of Washington; Katara Jordan, Building Changes; Annie Blackledge, The Mockingbird Society; Pam Crone, Washington Coalition for Homeless Youth Advocacy; Rachel Myers, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance; Christine Crossley, Catholic Charities Services of Western Washington; Dan Wise, Catholic Charities Services of Western Washington; Amy Reynolds, Share Vancouver; LaDessa Croucher, Dispute Resolution Center, Volunteers of America; Jeff DeLuca, Washington Community Action Partnership; Cynthia Stewart, League of Women Voters; Mindy Woods, Resident Action Project; Michele Thomas, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance. Jill May, Washington Association for Children and Families; Ray Deck III, Washington Association for Children and Families; Melanie Smith, Wellspring Family Services, Washington State LTC Ombuds Program; Claire Lane, Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition; Christina Wong, Northwest Harvest; Aaron Czyzewski, Food Lifeline; Nick Federici, SEIU775; Jessica Olson, Clinical Supervisor, Family Education and Support Services, Thurston and Mason County PCAP; Charlie Handley, Thurston County Graduate of PCAP; Kim Hitchcock, Clinical Supervisor, Triumph Treatment Services, Yakima County PCAP; Jennifer Clark, PCAP Graduate and Case Manager, Triumph Treatement Services, Yakima County PCAP; Gabriel Ash, CCS Program Manager; Lee Phillips, Sunrise Services, Inc.; Sheena Tomar, Government and Community Relations Director, SEIU 775 Benefits Group; Brad Banks, Washington Home Care Coalition; Laura Ellsworth, Council for the Homeless.

Other. PRO: Scott Hazlegrove, Washington State Auto Dealers Association; Celia Jackson, King County.

CON: Brenda Snyder, Director of Policy, Office of the State Treasurer.

OTHER: Candice Bock, Association of Washington Cities; Mara Machulsky, Public Works Board; Karin Berkholtz, Public Works Board; Shaun D'Sylva, Washington Smoke-Free Association; Jim Bamberger, Office of Civil Legal Aid; Dawn Vyvyan, Sauk-Suiattle Tribe; Derek Zable, Criminal Justice Training Commission; Anthony Hemstad, South King Fire and Rescue.

Persons Signed In To Testify But Not Testifying: No one.