HR 4684
ByRepresentatives Jinkins, Wilcox, Appleton, Barkis, Bergquist, Blake, Boehnke, Caldier, Callan, Chambers, Chandler, Chapman, Chopp, Cody, Corry, Davis, DeBolt, Dent, Doglio, Dolan, Duerr, Dufault, Dye, Entenman, Eslick, Fey, Fitzgibbon, Frame, Gildon, Goehner, Goodman, Graham, Gregerson, Griffey, Hansen, Harris, Hoff, Hudgins, Irwin, Jenkin, J. Johnson, Kilduff, Kirby, Klippert, Kloba, Kraft, Kretz, Leavitt, Lekanoff, Lovick, MacEwen, Macri, Maycumber, McCaslin, Mead, Morgan, Mosbrucker, Orcutt, Ormsby, Ortiz-Self, Orwall, Paul, Pellicciotti, Peterson, Pettigrew, Pollet, Ramel, Ramos, Riccelli, Robinson, Rude, Ryu, Santos, Schmick, Sells, Senn, Shea, Shewmake, Slatter, Springer, Steele, Stokesbary, Stonier, Sullivan, Sutherland, Tarleton, Thai, Tharinger, Valdez, Van Werven, Vick, Volz, Walen, Walsh, Wylie, Ybarra, and Young
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith was born in Pensacola, Florida, to Chapman and Alice Creighton, who influenced the lives of so many simply by loving God and loving others; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith graduated from: Woodham High School in Pensacola, Florida; Pensacola Junior College; and later Puget Sound Christian College; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith married Stephen Smith, the love of her life, and was married for 34 years and had four beautiful children; and
WHEREAS, Stephen Smith, an incredible husband, father, and Marine, lost his life in the service of his community and since his passing she has credited him with such an abundant love that it would last enough for two lifetimes; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith has four loving in-law children and 11 wonderful grandchildren who lovingly refer to her as "Nana"; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith's children and in-law children have served in the Air Force, Army, and Navy, respectively; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith loved and cared for her mother-in-law, Margaret, until her passing; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith was a Special Assistant to United States Representative Jack Metcalf and led a successful effort to recognize – and provide benefits to – veterans who suffered illnesses as a result of the first Gulf War; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith served on the South Whidbey School Board; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith was appointed State Representative in the 10th Legislative District in January 2008 and went on to win the election in November 2008, and has served for 13 years; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith has hired, mentored, and encouraged personal growth in three House legislative assistants who were all promoted to House Republican Caucus staff; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith has been a leader for her constituents, communities, and state for years; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith has had numerous pieces of legislation signed into law and has been recognized for her leadership in: Enhancing the state's behavioral and mental health systems; protecting consumer privacy; establishing environmental programs – including the creation of the Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM); and improving the regulatory environment for job creators; and
WHEREAS, Representative Norma Smith is a devoted Christian and active in her church, and her fellow legislative members know her to be true to her word, an outstanding listener, confidant, woman of grace and inspiring faithfulness; and
WHEREAS, On March 3, 2020, Representative Norma Smith announced she would not seek reelection and would begin a new, important chapter of her life in service to God by teaching and mentoring the next generation at home and abroad;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize Representative Norma Smith for her devoted service to Washington state and for representing the people of the 10th Legislative District with integrity, honor, and passion; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to the Honorable Norma Smith.
I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of
Resolution 4684 adopted by the House of Representatives
March 11, 2020
Bernard Dean, Chief Clerk