5062-S2 AMH ORWA BAKY 177


2SSB 5062 - H AMD TO CRJ COMM AMD (H-1373.1/21) 648

By Representative Orwall

On page 5, line 34 of the striking amendment, after "(23)" insert ""News organization" means a newspaper, including a digital edition published by a newspaper, a television or radio broadcast station, a public broadcasting entity, or a news or periodical publisher whose primary business: (a) publishes or airs information or stories that record, research, investigate, or explain issues, events, and facts about the community or state served by the news organization; (b) pays market-rate compensation, based on the market in which the news organization is located, to journalists employed by the news organization; and (c) maintains active and current media liability insurance coverage for the journalistic content of the news organization.


Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

On page 10, line 14 of the striking amendment, after "by" insert "a news organization or"

EFFECT:  Defines "news organization" and exempts from the bill personal data collected, disclosed, or used in connection with the gathering, dissemination or reporting of news or information to the public by a news organization.  

--- END ---