5264.E AMH RYUC OMLI 089


ESB 5264 - H AMD 1339

By Representative Ryu

On page 1, line 6, after "(1)" strike "January" and insert "The legislature intends to designate a time of year to formally remember and recognize the contributions of Americans of Chinese descent and finds that May of each year is a relevant and appropriate time to do so. This would provide an opportunity to celebrate significant accomplishments in American history such as the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869, which was largely built with the labor of Chinese Americans. It also allows for a time to acknowledge people like Jeanie Jew, who, as president of the organization of Chinese American women, first proposed the establishment of a national Asian/Pacific American heritage month. Jeanie Jew's dream was later realized in 1992 when a federal law was enacted that designated May of each year as Asian/Pacific American heritage month. Since then, subsequent United States presidents have annually issued proclamations designating May as Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander heritage month.

(2) May"

On page 1, line 7, after "month." strike "Each January is designated" and insert "As the nation celebrates the national Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander heritage month in May, Washington designates each May"

On page 1, at the beginning of line 11, strike "(2)" and insert "(3)"

EFFECT:   Changes the month designated as Americans of Chinese descent history month from January to May of each year.

Adds provisions stating legislative intent and findings.

--- END ---