BySenator Kuderer
WHEREAS, Women in Cloud is a woman-led, grassroots economic development organization founded in Seattle, Washington working to generate one billion dollars in new economic access for women-led technology entrepreneurs across the globe by 2030; and
WHEREAS, Forbes found that women tech entrepreneurs, despite having received fifty percent less venture capital funding, produce twenty percent higher revenues than their male equivalents; and
WHEREAS, Only five percent of leadership positions in the technology industry are held by women and more than two-thirds of US start-ups have no women at all on their board of directors; and
WHEREAS, The technology sector has proven invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving many employers the ability to continue operations with employees working from their homes while the public health crisis continues; and
WHEREAS, As economic relief efforts for small businesses continue during and after the pandemic, it is important for such relief efforts to be carried out in an equitable manner; and
WHEREAS, The underrepresentation of women in technology leadership harms technological development and societal and economic growth, and is unacceptable in the 21st century; and
WHEREAS, The Women in Cloud organization plays a vital role in the ongoing economic recovery period working to ensure women-owned enterprises continue to survive and thrive post pandemic; and
WHEREAS, The Women in Cloud Accelerator Program provides resources, consultation, networking connections, and global platforms for women-led tech companies; and
WHEREAS, The Women in Cloud Universal Digital Upskilling and ReSkilling Program provides over 1000 cloud skilling scholarships, resources, networking connections, and global platforms for women professionals to access economically-fulfilling jobs; and
WHEREAS, The Women in Cloud #empowHERaccess digital advocacy campaign provides industry focused research, resources, networking connections and spotlights women leaders and allies to advance policy for economic and workforce development for women founders and professionals; and
WHEREAS, The Women in Cloud Annual Conference has seen tremendous growth in popularity in just three years with its inaugural conference hosting 450 participants, to an expected global attendance of more than 1,500 for this year's conference; and
WHEREAS, Through the creation of new partnerships in regions beyond the Pacific Northwest, Women in Cloud has expanded their accelerator program to eight other countries around the world; and
WHEREAS, The Washington State Legislature encourages other legislatures across the nation and governing bodies in other countries to partner with Women in Cloud to ensure women-led technology firms have equitable access to economic opportunity for generations to come;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate recognize the value of this initiative to inspire, empower, and accelerate the growth of women-led technology companies and promote the efforts of women entrepreneurs and leaders; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to the Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2022, to be held virtually on January 26 through 28, 2022.