2201-S2 AMH DYEM H3232.1
2SHB 2201 - H AMD 931
By Representative Dye
On page 37, line 27, after "(4)" insert "In seeking to enter into any linkage agreements with other jurisdictions, the department must consider any substantive discussion or negotiation between officials representing Washington and officials representing any linked jurisdictions concerning the topic of linkage to be a public meeting at which the public must have the ability to attend, whether in an in-person or virtual format. This requirement applies to all state officials and employees, including elected officials and employees of the department, employees of other state agencies, and employees of the office of the governor. The department must post on its website, within five business days of the conclusion of the meeting, a summary containing minutes from the meeting, as well as a recording of the meeting. The department and other state officials and employees may not discuss linkage, other than for the purposes of the scheduling of meetings and otherwise arranging for the logistics of a discussion or negotiation, with officials representing any other jurisdiction in a manner that does not meet the requirements of this subsection.
Renumber the remaining subsection consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: Provides that all meetings, discussions, and negotiations, other than logistical meetings, between Washington and other jurisdictions concerning potential linkage must be public meetings at which in-person or virtual public attendance is possible, and with summary minutes and a recording of the meeting to be posted by the department of ecology on their website within five business days of the meeting.
--- END ---