E2SHB 1565
As Reported by House Committee On:
Title: An act relating to supporting and strengthening the professional education workforce through recruitment, residency, research, and retention strategies.
Brief Description: Supporting and strengthening the professional education workforce.
Sponsors: House Committee on Appropriations (originally sponsored by Representatives Ortiz-Self, Santos, Berry, Simmons, Reeves, Fey, Ryu, Alvarado, Bronoske, Goodman, Gregerson, Doglio, Paul, Peterson, Lekanoff, Ramel, Bergquist, Reed, Pollet, Timmons and Macri).
Brief History:
Committee Activity:
Education: 2/6/23, 2/13/23 [DPS], 1/22/24, 1/29/24 [DP3S].
Appropriations: 2/21/23, 2/23/23 [DP2S(w/o sub ED)].
Brief Summary of Third Substitute Bill
  • Replaces the policy in the underlying bill with the establishment of a Joint Select Committee on Supporting and Strengthening the Teacher Workforce Through Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention Strategies.
Majority Report: The third substitute bill be substituted therefor and the third substitute bill do pass.Signed by 12 members:Representatives Santos, Chair; Shavers, Vice Chair; Rude, Ranking Minority Member; Bergquist, Eslick, Harris, McClintock, Nance, Ortiz-Self, Pollet, Stonier and Timmons.
Minority Report: Do not pass.Signed by 1 member:Representative Steele.
Minority Report: Without recommendation.Signed by 2 members:Representatives McEntire, Assistant Ranking Minority Member; Couture.
Staff: Megan Wargacki (786-7194).

Legislation enacted in 2019 established the Professional Educator Collaborative (Collaborative) to make recommendations on how to improve and strengthen state policies, programs, and pathways that lead to highly effective educators at each level of the public school system.

The Collaborative was required to submit to the Legislature:  (1) a preliminary report by November 1, 2020; and (2) a final report with recommendations on each of nine issues by November 1, 2021.

The final report includes 13 recommendations organized into the following topics:  access and identity, preparation, placement, retention, and growth and transition.  For each topic, the report provides example strategies to implement the recommendations.  The final report acknowledges that it may not fully meet the legislative mandate for a variety of reasons, including disruption by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summary of Bill (Third Substitute):

A Joint Select Committee on Supporting and Strengthening the Teacher Workforce Through Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention Strategies is established.  At a minimum, the committee must review:

  1. the reports of the Professional Educator Collaborative;
  2. state and national data on teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention, including demographic data;
  3. models for teacher preparation for undergraduates and bachelor's degree holders, including residency and registered apprenticeship models;
  4. alignment of teacher preparation models; and
  5. teacher licensing requirements, including use of state compacts.

The committee must report its findings and recommendations to the Governor, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Legislature by November 1, 2024.

The eight members of the committee must be appointed as follows:

  • From each of the two largest caucuses of the Senate, the President of the Senate must appoint:
    • a member of the Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee; and
    • a member of the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee.
  • From each of the two largest caucuses of the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House of Representatives must appoint:
    • a member of the Education Committee; and
    • a member of the Postsecondary Education and Workforce Committee.

The committee must choose its cochairs from among its membership.  A member from the House of Representatives Education Committee must convene the initial meeting of the committee.

Staff support for the committee must be provided by Senate Committee Services and the House of Representatives' Office of Program Research.

Third Substitute Bill Compared to Engrossed Second Substitute Bill:

The third substitute bill does not include any of the policy in Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1565.  Rather, the third substitute bill establishes a Joint Select Committee on Supporting and Strengthening the Teacher Workforce Through Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention Strategies.

Appropriation: None.
Fiscal Note: Available.
Effective Date of Third Substitute Bill: The bill takes effect 90 days after adjournment of the session in which the bill is passed.
Staff Summary of Public Testimony:

(In support) This bill is an attempt to step back and take a full view of the educator workforce feedback with a bilateral and bicameral approach that includes expertise from education and higher education.  There are preparation program models that are very successful, but increasing the viability of these programs is difficult.  These programs need to be aligned with current programs and stakeholders must be consulted.  People need to know how to get into this workforce, including through teacher residencies and apprenticeships.


(Opposed) None.

Persons Testifying:

Representative Lillian Ortiz-Self, prime sponsor.

Persons Signed In To Testify But Not Testifying: None.