State of Washington
68th Legislature
2024 Regular Session
ByRepresentatives Farivar, Alvarado, Reed, Berry, Ortiz-Self, Donaghy, Fitzgibbon, Bronoske, Walen, Fosse, Goodman, Macri, Pollet, and Ormsby
Read first time 01/16/24.Referred to Committee on Local Government.
AN ACT Relating to protecting cats and dogs by requiring kennels to meet certain fire safety standards; and adding a new section to chapter 19.27 RCW.
NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1. A new section is added to chapter 19.27 RCW to read as follows:
(1) A kennel operator shall:
(a) Be equipped with at least one fire alarm system or fire sprinkler system in operating condition in every building of the kennel operator that is used for the housing of animals;
(b) Certify in its business license application and recertify in any business license renewal application that its facility has a fire alarm system or a fire sprinkler system;
(c) Include with the business license application or business license renewal application a:
(i) Description and picture of the make and model of the system used; and
(ii) Certification from a qualified fire inspector attesting that the applicant kennel operator meets the requirements of this chapter; and
(d) Notify customers of a business license suspension or nonrenewal for the duration of the suspension or nonrenewal if it occurs as a result of failure to comply with this section by placing a conspicuous notice visible to customers in the kennel operator establishment.
(2) The department shall:
(a) Implement procedures for requiring, collecting, and reviewing the certification required in subsection (1) of this section for each application for a business license or business license renewal from a kennel operator under chapter 19.02 RCW;
(b) Either: (i) Refuse to issue or renew a business license to any kennel operator who fails to include in its business license application or business license renewal application the requirements in subsection (1)(b) and (c) of this section; or (ii) suspend the business license of a kennel operator if at any time the department is made aware by a qualified fire inspector or otherwise that a kennel operator is not in compliance with subsection (1) of this section; and
(c) Adopt rules necessary to implement this subsection as provided under RCW 19.02.030.
(3) A qualified fire inspector may inspect a kennel operator that maintains dogs and cats for boarding during the course of performing routine inspections. If during a routine inspection a qualified fire inspector determines that the kennel operator does not have a fire alarm system or fire sprinkler system the inspector may inform the department.
(4) As used in this section:
(a) "Department" means the department of revenue.
(b) "Fire alarm system" means a system that automatically triggers notification to local emergency responders when activated.
(c) "Kennel operator" means any person who operates an establishment, other than an animal control facility, or veterinary hospital where either dogs or cats, or both, are maintained for boarding, training, or similar purposes for a fee or compensation, and which is required by law to obtain a business license.
(d) "Qualified fire inspector" means a local fire official or a building inspector working for a unit of local government or fire protection district who is qualified to inspect buildings for fire safety or building code compliance.
--- END ---