EHB 1073



BYRepresentatives Vekich, Patrick, Wang, R. King, Prentice, Leonard, Sayan, Winsley, Jacobsen, Belcher, Jones, Miller and Wolfe; by request of Department of Labor and Industries



Extending industrial welfare laws for agricultural labor.



House Committe on Commerce & Labor



Rereferred House Committee on Appropriations



Senate Committee on Agriculture


      Senate Hearing Date(s):March 28, 1989


      Senate Staff:John Stuhlmiller (786-7446)



                             AS OF MARCH 22, 1989




In 1913, Washington enacted its first industrial welfare laws to establish mandatory employment standards for women and minor employees.  These standards were extended to all employees except newspaper vendors and carriers, domestic or casual labor, and agricultural labor, in 1973.


The Department of Labor and Industries currently administers these employment standards, which regulate working conditions such as payroll recordkeeping, deductions from wages, meal and rest breaks, and lifting requirements.




Industrial welfare coverage is extended to all agricultural labor except minors employed by a parent or step-parent.


The Department of Labor and Industries is not authorized to require instruction in lifting techniques for agricultural employees.  However, agricultural employers must display a poster illustrating proper lifting techniques.


The department may not require employers to retain employment records for more than three years.


Appropriation:    none


Revenue:    none


Fiscal Note:      available