HB 1698



BYRepresentatives R. Fisher, McLean and Anderson; by request of Secretary of State



Consolidating standards for establishing precinct boundaries.



House Committe on State Government



Senate Committee on Governmental Operations


      Senate Hearing Date(s):March 23, 1989


Majority Report:  Do pass.

      Signed by Senators McCaslin, Chairman; Thorsness, Vice Chairman; Conner, Sutherland.


      Senate Staff:Sam Thompson (786-7754)

                  March 23, 1989







Election precincts must be wholly within the district boundaries of state and county legislative districts.  The precincts must be numbered consecutively for the preparation of maps and apportionment purposes.  They may also be named.


Prior to the 1980 state primary, county auditors were required to prepare maps delineating precinct boundaries and to send the maps and corresponding lists of census blocks and enumeration districts to the Secretary of State.  The city precinct maps were to be transmitted to the cities.  The maps and lists are public records but the secretary is prohibited from associating voting results with the maps and lists.




Each voting precinct must be wholly within a single congressional district.  Whenever possible, alterations to the boundaries of a precinct must follow physical features delineated on the most current maps provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.  After a change in precinct boundaries, the county auditor must send a map or maps delineating the new precinct boundaries to the Secretary of State and to cities containing the precincts.  The county auditor may assign names or numbers to the precincts for other election purposes.  Copies of precinct maps must be made available to the public.


Provisions are repealed which required auditors to prepare and send precinct maps to towns and cities and precinct maps and corresponding lists of census blocks and enumeration districts to the Secretary of State prior to the 1980 state primary.  Also repealed is a provision which prohibits the secretary from associating voting results with these maps and lists.


Appropriation:    none


Revenue:    none


Fiscal Note:      requested February 7, 1989


Senate Committee - Testified: No one