SB 5555



BYSenators Patterson, Hansen, Madsen and Benitz; by request of Utilities and Transportation Commission



Modifying railroad crossing inspection fees.



Senate Committee on Transportation


      Senate Hearing Date(s):February 10, 1989


Majority Report:  Do pass.

      Signed by Senators Patterson, Chairman; Nelson, Vice Chairman; Barr, Hansen, McMullen, Madsen, Murray, Thorsness.


      Senate Staff:Vicki Fabre (786-7313)

                  February 5, 1990



                      AS PASSED SENATE, FEBRUARY 5, 1990




The Utilities and Transportation Commission is charged with inspecting industrial railroad crossings in the state.  The maximum fee for these inspections was statutorily set in 1961 at $10 per inspection.


The Utilities and Transportation Commission estimates that the cost of providing the inspection of roughly 200 industrial railroad crossings in the state has risen to approximately $25 per inspection.




The maximum $10 inspection fee for industrial grade crossing inspections is changed to an amount to be set by the Utilities and Transportation Commission.  That exact fee is to be based on the cost of rendering those inspection services.


Appropriation:    none


Revenue:    yes


Fiscal Note:      available


Senate Committee - Testified: Steve McLellan, Utilities and Transportation Commission (for)