SB 6265



BYSenators Gaspard, Saling, Wojahn and Barr; by request of Legislative Budget Committee



Changing provisions relating to sunset review of programs and agencies.



Senate Committee on Governmental Operations


      Senate Hearing Date(s):January 24, 1990


      Senate Staff:Barbara Howard (786-7410); Eugene Green (786-7405)



                            AS OF JANUARY 23, 1990




As a result of an interim study of the schedule of sunset reviews, the Legislative Budget Committee (LBC) has recommended changes in the termination dates for a number of programs and entities.




The title of the sunset law becomes the Washington Sunset Act.  In the review process, the due date for the report by the Office of Financial Management is changed to September 1 from September 30 of the year before termination.


The Business Assistance Center in the Department of Trade and Economic Development is removed from the sunset review schedule.  Its termination date is extended from 1992 to 1993, and is recodified in the enabling statute (Chap. 43.31 RCW).  The Governor must make recommendations to the Legislature about reestablishing, modifying or terminating the center by December 1, 1992.  The repealers are extended from 1993 to 1994.


A 1991 report required of LBC with respect to direct patient access to treatment by physical therapists (as opposed to requiring referral by a medical doctor) is eliminated.


The termination of the state lottery on July 1, 1992, together with a study report by LBC of the lottery's effectiveness, is repealed.


The Public Disclosure Commission, the Washington Ambassador Program, the Washington Sunrise Act and the Business Improvement Center are deleted from the sunset termination and repeal schedule.  These entities are therefore continued indefinitely.


Appropriation:    none


Revenue:    none


Fiscal Note:      none requested