SSB 6531



BYSenate Committee on Transportation (originally sponsored by Senator Patterson)



Authorizing port districts to spend money on road improvements.



Senate Committee on Transportation


     Senate Hearing Date(s):January 30, 1990


Majority Report:     That Substitute Senate Bill No. 6531 be substituted therefor, and the substitute bill do pass.

     Signed by Senators Patterson, Chairman; Thorsness, Vice Chairman; Barr, Bender, Benitz, Conner, DeJarnatt, Hansen, McMullen, Madsen, Murray, Nelson, Patrick, Sellar.


     Senate Staff:Gene Baxstrom (786-7303)

                February 12, 1990



                  AS PASSED SENATE, FEBRUARY 9, 1990




Port districts are currently authorized to make road improvements within the port properties.  It is unclear whether a port district may expend funds beyond its port properties to maintain local or state roadways.


In many instances, significant amounts of traffic on local or state roads may involve commerce going to or from a port facility.  Currently, the Port of Whitman County is party to an agreement, along with other entities, to improve access roads including a portion of Idaho State highway, which serve the port facility at Wilma.




A port district is authorized to expend port funds towards constructing, improving or repairing any street, road or highway that serves port facilities.


The funds authorized for expenditure are to be expended by the port commission in conjunction with any plan of improvements of the state of Washington, an adjoining state, or county or municipal government.  This expenditure is to be without regard to whether expenditures are made for a road located within the state of Washington or an adjoining state.


Appropriation:  none


Revenue:   none


Fiscal Note:    none requested


Senate Committee - Testified:   Don White, Washington Public Ports Association (pro); Jack Thompson, Port of Whitman County (for); Jerry Lenzi, Department of Transportation (pro)