SB 6777



BYSenator Madsen



Designating state route number 706 as "The Road to Paradise."



Senate Committee on Transportation


     Senate Hearing Date(s):February 1, 1990


Majority Report:     Do pass.

     Signed by Senators Patterson, Chairman; von Reichbauer, Vice Chairman; Barr, Conner, DeJarnatt, Hansen, Madsen, Nelson, Sellar.


     Senate Staff:Vicki Fabre (786-7313)

                February 9, 1990



                  AS PASSED SENATE, FEBRUARY 8, 1990




State Route 706 runs from Elbe, Washington to the entrance of Mount Rainier National Park.  Many motorists travelling to Crystal Mountain on Interstate 5 mistakenly take State Route 7 which joins with SR 706 to reach this destination.  Designation of SR 706 as the "Road to Paradise" would provide notice that the road leads to Paradise Lodge at Mount Rainier.




State Route 706, beginning at a junction with State Route 7 at Elbe thence easterly to a southwest entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, is designated the "Road to Paradise."


Appropriation:  none


Revenue:   none


Fiscal Note:    none requested


Senate Committee - Testified:   Senator Madsen, prime sponsor