H-3450              _______________________________________________


                                                   HOUSE BILL NO. 2492



                                                                            C 182 L 90



State of Washington                               51st Legislature                              1990 Regular Session


By Representatives Appelwick, Van Luven, Ferguson, H. Sommers, Leonard, Crane, Miller, O'Brien, Cole, May, Anderson, Betrozoff, Wineberry and P. King



Read first time 1/12/90 and referred to Committee on Judiciary.



AN ACT Relating to pro tempore judges; and amending RCW 35.20.200.




        Sec. 1.  Section 35.20.200, chapter 7, Laws of 1965 as amended by section 2, chapter 32, Laws of 1972 ex. sess. and RCW 35.20.200 are each amended to read as follows:

          The mayor shall, from attorneys residing in the city and qualified to hold the position of judge of the municipal court as provided in RCW 35.20.170, appoint judges pro tempore who shall act in the absence of the regular judges of the court or in addition to the regular judges when the administration of justice and the accomplishment of the work of the court make it necessary.  The mayor may appoint, as judges pro tempore, any full-time district court judges serving in the county in which the city is situated.  The judges of the municipal court shall promulgate rules establishing general standards for the use of judges pro tempore.  A copy of said rules shall be filed with the legislative authority of the city at the time of budget consideration.  Such appointments of attorneys shall be made from a list of attorneys in accordance herewith furnished by the judges of the municipal court, which list shall contain not less than five names in addition to the number of judges pro tempore requested.  Appointment of judges pro tempore shall be for the term of office of the regular judges unless sooner removed in the same manner as they were appointed.  While acting as judge of the court judges pro tempore shall have all of the powers of the regular judges.  Before entering upon his or her duties, each judge pro tempore shall take, subscribe and file an oath as is taken by a municipal judge.  Judges pro tempore shall not practice before the municipal court during their term of office as judge pro tempore.  Such municipal judges pro tempore shall receive such compensation as shall be fixed by ordinance by the legislative body of the city and such compensation shall be paid by the city except that district court judges shall not be compensated by the city other than pursuant to an interlocal agreement.

                                                                                                                        Passed the House February 6, 1990.


                                                                                                                                         Speaker of the House.


                                                                                                                           Passed the Senate March 1, 1990.


                                                                                                                                       President of the Senate.