S-5152               _______________________________________________


                                   SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION NO. 8436



State of Washington                               51st Legislature                              1990 Regular Session


By Senator Owen, Conner, Moore and Rasmussen



Read first time 2/26/90.  Under suspension of rules read second and third times and adopted.



WHEREAS, Simpson Investment Company of Seattle was founded in Mason County in 1890 by S. G. Simpson with "50 men and 12 horses"; and

          WHEREAS, Mark E. Reed, S. G. Simpson's son-in-law and president of the company from 1914 to 1933, served in the Washington State Legislature for sixteen years, including two years as Speaker of the House of Representatives; and

          WHEREAS, Simpson Investment Company was one of the first Washington companies to begin growing timber as a crop; and

          WHEREAS, Simpson employs 2,200 Washington citizens in five communities and has earned the reputation of having respect for its employees; and

          WHEREAS, Simpson has benefitted the State of Washington and its communities for the last one hundred years by providing jobs, paying taxes, and making numerous charitable contributions; and

          WHEREAS, Simpson Investment Company is the parent company of Simpson Timber Company, Simpson Tacoma Kraft Company, Commencement Bay Mill Company, and Pacific Western Extruded Plastics Company;

          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Senate of the State of Washington, the House of Representatives concurring, to congratulate Simpson Investment Company on its centennial celebration in 1990 and its one hundred years of commitment and contribution to its communities and the State of Washington; and

          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Simpson Investment Company's next one hundred years be a partnership of prosperity for the company, its employees, and communities, and the State of Washington.