C 181 L 89



State of Washington 51st Legislature 1989 Regular Session


By Senate Committee on Ways & Means (originally sponsored by Senators Newhouse, Gaspard, Lee, Benitz and Anderson; by request of Department of Community Development)



Read first time 3/1/89.



AN ACT Relating to appropriations for projects recommended by the public works board; amending section 116, chapter 6, Laws of 1987 1st ex. sess. (uncodified); making an appropriation; and declaring an emergency.




NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. Pursuant to chapter 43.155 RCW, there is appropriated to the public works board from the public works assistance account for the biennium ending June 30, 1989, the following sums to make loans for the specified public works projects:

(1) Town of Albion--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for bridges, roads, domestic water, sanitary and storm sewer needs!w.$6,000

(2) Town of Albion--road project--reconstruct 0.24 miles of an arterial street!w.$37,120

(3) Public Utility District No. 1 of Asotin County--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the district's water system!w.$15,000

(4) City of Bellevue--storm sewer project--replace existing 48-inch corrugated metal culvert under Farmers Road!w.$273,000

(5) City of Bellingham--water project--replace 3.8 miles of water main along Chuckanut Drive!w.$1,000,000

(6) Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County--water project--reconstruction of 19,600 linear feet of domestic water transmission and distribution mains!w.$350,000

(7) Clark County--sanitary sewer project--expansion of the Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant!w.$1,500,000

(8) City of Cosmopolis--sanitary sewer project--replacement of two blocks of sanitary sewer!w.$66,500

(9) City of Duvall--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's road and storm sewer systems!w.$15,000

(10) City of Duvall--storm sewer project--main street storm drain replacement!w.$72,126

(11) City of Edmonds--road project--repair and resurface 6.3 miles of arterial streets, 14.9 miles of residential collector streets, and 5.3 miles of residential streets!w.$1,500,000

(12) City of Ellensburg--road project--Pearl Street, 5th and 6th Avenues, sidewalk, street, and creek repair!w.$138,168

(13) City of Everett--water project--replace 12,485 linear feet of wood-stave pipeline!w.$1,500,000

(14) Federal Way Water and Sewer District--water project-- upgrade and replace the water system!w.$973,685

(15) City of Goldendale--water project--replace approximately 31 percent of the system's distribution lines, service connectors, and isolation valves!w.$1,000,000

(16) City of Grandview--water project--provide a new well for the city, including an aerator, pump and well house, and a standby generator!w.$660,258

(17) City of Hoquiam--road project--repair damaged and substandard sidewalks to include removal of existing sidewalk, ballasting, and construction of new sidewalks and wheelchair ramps!w.$845,000

(18) City of Kennewick--road project--reconstruction and widening of 10,700 linear feet of old two-lane county road!w.$1,485,000

(19) King County Water District No. 75--water project--new pump station to correct problems of leaking mains, surging, and lack of adequate fire protection!w.$570,000

(20) Public Utility District No. 1 Klickitat County--sanitary sewer project--new sludge disposal areas, plant improvements, manhole repair and replacement, and new lagoon liners!w.$464,259

(21) Town of LaConner--road project--improve 17,500 square feet of Washington Street!w.$39,600

(22) Liberty Lake Sewer District--water project--replace the failing water system!w.$589,385

(23) City of Lynnwood--sanitary sewer project--modify the Number 10 and Number 12 Sanitary Sewage Transmission Systems!w.$1,500,000

(24) City of Marysville--road project--replace 1,300 feet of Grover Street to include reconstruction of the pavement to 44- feet wide with curb, sidewalks, and storm drainage!w.$167,400

(25) City of Moses Lake--road project--road improvements-- installation of new sidewalks, bicycle paths, gutters, and a bridge overpass!w.$536,985

(26) Northeast Lake Washington Sewer and Water District--water project--replace 10.7 miles of leaking water mains!w.$1,500,000

(27) Town of Oakesdale--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's bridge, road, domestic water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems!w.$6,000

(28) City of Ocean Shores--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's storm sewer system!w.$15,000

(29) City of Omak--storm sewer project--construction of three major pump stations and replacement of nonfunctioning drywells!w.$199,350

(30) City of Othello--road project--rehabilitate a primary trucking route!w.$573,240

(31) City of Pacific--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's sanitary sewer system!w.$15,000

(32) City of Palouse--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's bridge, road, domestic water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems!w.$7,500

(33) City of Pasco--water project--construction of a one million gallon steel elevated storage tank!w.$1,245,000

(34) City of Pomeroy--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's bridge, road, domestic water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems!w.$8,000

(35) City of Pomeroy--road project--resurface and widen existing streets!w.$60,501

(36) City of Pullman--sanitary sewer project--replace 2,700 linear feet of existing clay sewer line!w.$490,000

(37) City of Redmond--water project--connect Redmond's water system well service area to the city of Seattle Tolt Eastside supply line No. 2!w.$1,000,000

(38) City of Ridgefield--road project--five minor arterials will be improved to upgrade the road surface, width, and drainage!w.$50,000

(39) Rose Hill Water and Sewer District--water project-- replacement of 25,900 feet of steel mains!w.$996,000

(40) Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District--sanitary sewer project--allow collection of sewage from failing septic tank systems in the Lake Sammamish area!w.$1,469,700

(41) City of Seattle--road project--rehabilitation of Northeast Northgate Way!w.$1,500,000

(42) City of Shelton--sanitary sewer project--replace 5,000 linear feet of 12-inch sanitary sewer main and 2,000 linear feet of 30-inch main!w.$1,170,000

(43) Skyway Water and Sewer District--sanitary sewer project-- new sewer lines, pump station, and 3,500 linear feet of force main!w.$1,500,000

(44) Snohomish County--road project--construct a 5-lane urban section along two county roads!w.$1,000,000

(45) City of Spokane--bridge project--continue with the replacement and demolition of the T. J. Meenach Drive Bridge!w.$783,900

(46) City of Spokane--sanitary sewer project--design and construct a cogeneration plant!w.$714,876

(47) Town of Steilacoom--road project--reconstruct Main Street!w.$535,500

(48) Thurston County--sanitary sewer project--Boston Harbor wastewater system improvements!w.$798,407

(49) Thurston County--water project--upgrade the Tamoshan water system!w.$173,166

(50) City of Union Gap--water project--construct new one million gallon concrete reservoir!w.$888,930

(51) City of Vancouver--road project--reconstruction of 5.82 miles of major arterial streets!w.$1,000,000

(52) City of Wapato--water project--construct a new well and reservoir!w.$900,000

(53) City of Woodland--water project--construct a new 650,000 gallon reservoir!w.$327,600

(54) Town of Woodway--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's sanitary sewer system!w.$14,115

(55) City of Yakima--road project--resignalization of six intersections and improved lighting on five arterials!w.$765,000

(56) City of Yakima--storm sewer project--replace an open, unlined canal channel with a piping system!w.$174,879

(57) City of Yakima--water project--replace the Ranney Collector with a new well, turbine pump, pumphouse, a complete electrical, and connecting pipe!w.$495,000

(58) Yakima County--bridge project--reconstruct nine bridges and one culvert!w.$320,000

(59) Town of Yelm--capital improvement plan--development of a plan for the city's bridge, road, and domestic water systems!w.$15,000

(60) Town of Yelm--road project--reconstruction of 1,750 linear feet of roadway to realign a section of First Street!w.$180,800

(61) King County Water District No. 83--water project--replace deteriorating steel mains!w.$444,690

(62) City of Longview--road project--reconstruct .52 miles of street paving, storm sewers, and driveways of Industrial Way East!w.$300,000

(63) City of Mercer Island--sanitary sewer project--refurbish 20 sanitary sewer lift stations on the shore of Lake Washington!w.$624,890

(64) City of Sunnyside--sanitary sewer project--physical improvements to wastewater treatment, collection, and conveyance systems!w.$1,365,000

(65) Emergency public works pursuant to RCW 43.155.065!w.$1,000,000

!sc ,10Total Appropriation!w.$39,931,540


Sec. 2. Section 116, chapter 6, Laws of 1987 1st ex. sess. (uncodified) is amended to read as follows:



Public Works Trust Fund


The appropriations in this section are provided solely for public works projects recommended by the public works board and approved by the legislature under chapter 43.155 RCW.




!ixPublic Works Trust Fund Acct!tj1!tc25,056,743!tc((34,972,000))





!tcThrough!tc7/1/89!sc ,1and!tcCosts







NEW SECTION. Sec. 3. This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and shall take effect immediately.

Passed the Senate March 13, 1989.


President of the Senate.


Passed the House April 19, 1989.


Speaker of the House.