S-4995               _______________________________________________


                                   SECOND SUBSTITUTE SENATE BILL NO. 6832



                                                                            C 292 L 90



State of Washington                               51st Legislature                              1990 Regular Session


By Senate Committee on Ways & Means (originally sponsored by Senators Nelson, Talmadge, Niemi and Rasmussen)



Read first time 2/6/90.



AN ACT Relating to the study of the juvenile rehabilitation system; and creating new sections.




          NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.     The legislature finds that states treat juvenile offenders in a variety of organizational settings that reflect differing approaches toward juvenile crimes.  Some serve juvenile offenders solely through state-operated programs and others, like Washington, use a combination of state and county services.  Juvenile rehabilitation programs can be located with adult corrections agencies, within human service agencies, or stand alone cabinet level agencies.  A consensus does not exist in Washington state regarding location of juvenile rehabilitation services and no in-depth review of these services has been undertaken since January 1983.  The legislature intends for an independent party to review the current juvenile rehabilitation system in Washington state and to recommend an organizational structure necessary to protect public safety and to provide effective rehabilitation services to juvenile offenders.


          NEW SECTION.  Sec. 2.     The office of financial management shall conduct a juvenile rehabilitation study which shall:

          (1) Review the mission and goals of the juvenile rehabilitation system in Washington state;

          (2) Make recommendations regarding the roles of the division of juvenile rehabilitation and various juvenile justice agencies in meeting the mission of the juvenile system;

          (3) Review the division of juvenile rehabilitation's comprehensive program and facilities plan and make recommendations regarding its implementation; and

          (4) Recommend organizational structures that would best protect public safety, meet the mission of the juvenile rehabilitation system, and make best use of various juvenile justice and criminal justice agencies in the state.

          The office of financial management shall report its findings to the legislature by December 1, 1990.


          NEW SECTION.  Sec. 3.     The office of financial management shall convene an advisory committee which shall include persons knowledgeable in the delivery of juvenile justice services including:

          (1) The secretary of the department of social and health services or the secretary's designee;

          (2) The secretary of the department of corrections or the secretary's designee;

          (3) A representative of law enforcement agencies;

          (4) A county legislative official or county executive;

          (5) Two administrators of juvenile court services;

          (6) A prosecuting attorney or deputy prosecuting attorney;

          (7) A public defender actively practicing in juvenile court;

          (8) A provider of community-based juvenile treatment services;

          (9) Two members of the senate, one from each of the two largest caucuses, appointed by the president of the senate;

          (10) Two members of the house of representatives, one from each of the two largest caucuses, appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives; and

          (11) One representative from a citizen advisory group such as the Washington council on crime and delinquency.


          NEW SECTION.  Sec. 4.     If specific funding for the purposes of this act, referencing this act by bill number, is not provided by June 30, 1990, in the omnibus appropriations act, this act shall be null and void.