We, the undersigned, members of the convention to form a Constitution for the State of Washington; which is to be submitted to the people for their adoption or rejection, do hereby declare this to be the Constitution formed by us, and in testimony thereof, do hereunto set our hands, this twenty-second day of August Anno Domini, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine.

John P. Hoyt, Edward Eldridge
     President George H. Stevenson
J. J. Browne Louis Sohns
N. G. Blalock A. A. Lindsley
John F. Gowey J. J. Weisenburger
Frank M. Dallam P. C. Sullivan
James Z. Moore R. S. More
E. H. Sullivan Thomas T. Minor
George Turner J. J. Travis
Austin Mires Arnold J. West
M. M. Godman Charles T. Fay
Gwin Hicks George W. Tibbetts
Wm. F. Prosser H. W. Fairweather
C. H. Warner Thomas C. Griffitts
J. P. T. McCroskey J. F. Van Name
S. G. Cosgrove Albert Schooley
Thos. Hayton H. C. Willison
Charles P. Coey T. M. Reed
Robert F. Sturdevant S. H. Manly
John A. Shoudy Richard Jeffs
Allen Weir Francis Henry
W. B. Gray George Comegys
Trusten P. Dyer Oliver H. Joy
Geo. H. Jones David E. Durie
B. L. Sharpstein D. Buchanan
H. M. Lillis John R. Kinnear
James A. Burk Sylvious A. Dickey
John McReavy Henry Winsor
R. O. Dunbar Theodore L. Stiles
Morgan Morgans Harrison Clothier
Jas. Power Matt. J. McElroy
B. B. Glascock J. T. Eshelman
O. A. Bowen Robert Jamieson
Sam'l H. Berry Hiram E. Allen
D. J. Crowley H. F. Suksdorf
J. T. McDonald J. C. Kellogg
John M. Reed J. A. Hungate
Attest: JNO. I. BOOGE, Chief Clerk

     The above names are not in the order in which subscribed to the Constitution.