APRIL 6, 1995

On February 27, 1995 the Board received Complaint 1995 No. 1 from Ken Eikenberry, Chairman of the Republican Party, alleging violations RCW 42.52 and the Code of Legislative Ethics by Senator Kevin Quigley.

On April 6, 1995, Senator Quigley appeared before the Board in connection with a related advisory opinion requested by him (Advisory Opinion 1995- No. 7). At that time Senator Quigley admitted distributing a memorandum to his law firm and acknowledged that he had erred in doing so. The content of the memorandum violated the ethics laws, as described by the Board in its advisory opinion regarding substantially similar facts.

The Board therefore finds that Senator Kevin Quigley has engaged in unethical conduct, and reprimands him for that violation. Since this conduct allegedly occurred in December, 1994, the Board is transmitting this finding to the Secretary of the Senate with the recommendation that it be placed in the records of the Senate and that no further disciplinary action be taken.


NOTE TO READERS: For format reasons, this opinion contains only a summary of the complaint filed with the Legislative Ethics Board. If you would like a full copy of the complaint, contact the Ethics Board staff (Tim Burke (360) 786-7103; Tony Cook, (360) 786-7294; Mike O'Connell, (360) 786-7501).