COMPLAINT 1995 - NO. 3


            We have reviewed the allegations made by the complainant. Because the alleged facts occurred in 1992, we are required to apply the then applicable Legislative Ethics Act, Chapter 44.60 RCW, to the complaint. Assuming the truth of the facts alleged, the facts are insufficient to support a finding of unethical conduct. Therefore, the complaint is dismissed.

            It is significant that under State law the Public Disclosure Commission is vested with jurisdiction over complaints of false political advertising. We would also note that the superior court has dismissed, based on insufficient evidence, a law suit against the Washington State Department of Employment Security involving the complainant's allegation regarding breach of confidentiality laws.

Executed this 10th day of July, 1995.


Thelma Jackson, Chair


NOTE TO READERS: For format reasons, this opinion contains only a summary of the complaint filed with the Legislative Ethics Board. If you would like a full copy of the complaint, contact the Ethics Board staff (Tim Burke (360) 786-7103; Tony Cook, (360) 786-7294; Mike O'Connell, (360) 786-7501).