August 13, 1998

COMPLAINT 1998 - NO. 1


This complaint was initiated on the Board's own motion in response to a letter from Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives. Mr. Martin’s letter stated that an employee of the House of Representatives had been given a written reprimand for conduct violating RCW 42.52.160 and/or 42.52.180.

The Board has conducted its own investigation of the conduct in question, and the related facts and circumstances. RCW 42.52.470 authorizes the Board to refer a matter to an agency for proposed resolution. The Board has reviewed this matter and determined that the agency’s resolution is appropriate and sufficient. The public interest does not require further proceedings in this matter.

Therefore Complaint 1998 - No. 1 is withdrawn and all proceedings in this matter are ended. This withdrawal is without prejudice, and the complaint may be reinstated in the future if additional or different facts are discovered.


Paul Aldinger