January, 2001

COMPLAINT 2000 - NO. 8


I. Nature of the Complaint

The complainant alleges that Representative Kathryn Haigh refused to protect his interest in real property, known as a "homestead." This interest in realty is found in Article XIX of the Washington State Constitution. The complainant apparently alleges that this legislator has ignored a "mandate" to protect his interest in real property because she informed him, after a time, that she could not resolve his property issues to his satisfaction.

II. Jurisdictional Determination


RCW 42.52.320, limits the jurisdiction of the Legislative Ethics Board to alleged violations of that chapter (RCW 42.52) and related rules, by members and employees of the legislature.

The State Ethics Act does not address constitutional allegations that a person’s real property rights have been ignored or adversely affected by the action or inaction of a legislator. The complaint fails to state an alleged violation of chapter 42.52. RCW.

III. Conclusion and Order

After fully considering this matter, the Board concludes that it lacks jurisdiction over the subject matter of the complaint. The complaint is hereby dismissed.


James A. Andersen, Chair