COMPLAINT 2006 – NO. 13

Jurisdiction Determination – Dismissal

I.   Nature of the Complaint

The complaint, submitted together with numerous exhibits and correspondence, recites a series of somewhat related incidents over a period of several years. These include a medical claim denied by a state agency, a dissolution of marriage, wire-taps, reverse discrimination in federal housing, medical and legal malpractice and an FBI internet sting related to child sexual abuse.

The complaint alleges that former Governor Locke, Governor Gregoire, Attorney General McKenna, Seattle and King County elected officials, an assistant director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a federal court judge and the former executive director of the Judicial Conduct Commission (Respondents) violated one or more provisions of the Ethics in Public Service Act (Act) through their involvement, or lack of same, in the incidents referred to above.

II. Determination of Jurisdiction

The authority of the Legislative Ethics Board is limited by RCW 42.52.320 which states in pertinent part:

The legislative ethics board shall enforce this chapter and rules adopted under it with respect to members and employees of the legislature (emphasis added).

We do not reach the issue of whether the subject-matter of any of the issues raised by complainant is within the jurisdiction of the Board because none of the Respondents are members or employees of the legislature.

III.Conclusion and Order

After fully considering this matter, the Board concludes that it lacks personal jurisdiction over the Respondents named in the complaint. The complaint is hereby dismissed.

David R. Draper, Vice-Chair