RCW 1.50.030 Washington gift of life awardPresentation.
(1) The governor's office shall annually present the Washington gift of life award to families of donors who have donated organs in accordance with chapter 68.64 RCW.
Organ procurement organizations may nominate the individuals eligible under this section to represent all those who have donated organs during the previous calendar year and may submit documentation supporting the eligibility of the individuals to the governor's office. If more than one organ procurement organization is involved, they shall coordinate in harmony to designate by consensus the organ procurement organization among them to have primary administrative responsibility under this chapter.
(2) The governor's office shall present the awards on an annual basis to each eligible organ donor's family in coordination with the organ procurement organization. Only one award may be presented to the family of an organ donor.
(3) Organ procurement organizations shall seek permission from the family of organ donors selected to receive the gift of life award to release the name of the organ donor to the governor's office for printing of a gift of life certificate and use at any gift of life ceremonies or events.
[2015 c 8 § 3; 1999 c 264 § 2; 1998 c 59 § 4.]