RCW 10.21.015 Pretrial release program.
(1) Under this chapter, "pretrial release program" is any program, either run directly by a county or city, or by a private or public entity through contract with a county or city, into whose custody an offender is released prior to trial and which agrees to supervise the offender. As used in this section, "supervision" includes, but is not limited to, work release, day monitoring, electronic monitoring, or participation in a 24/7 sobriety program.
(2) A pretrial release program may not agree to supervise, or accept into its custody, an offender who is currently awaiting trial for a violent offense or sex offense, as defined in RCW 9.94A.030, who has been convicted of one or more violent offenses or sex offenses in the ten years before the date of the current offense, unless the offender's release before trial was secured with a payment of bail.
[2015 2nd sp.s. c 3 § 20; 2014 c 24 § 1.]
FindingIntent2015 2nd sp.s. c 3: See note following RCW 10.21.055.