RCW 18.57A.020 Rules fixing qualifications and restricting practiceInterim permitApplicationsDisciplineInformation about current professional practice.
(1) The board shall adopt rules fixing the qualifications and the educational and training requirements for licensure as an osteopathic physician assistant or for those enrolled in any physician assistant training program. The requirements shall include completion of an accredited physician assistant training program approved by the board and within one year successfully take and pass an examination approved by the board, providing such examination tests subjects substantially equivalent to the curriculum of an accredited physician assistant training program. An interim permit may be granted by the department of health for one year provided the applicant meets all other requirements. Physician assistants licensed by the board of osteopathic medicine as of July 1, 1999, shall continue to be licensed.
(2)(a) The board shall adopt rules governing the extent to which:
(i) Physician assistant students may practice medicine during training; and
(ii) Physician assistants may practice after successful completion of a training course.
(b) Such rules shall provide:
(i) That the practice of an osteopathic physician assistant shall be limited to the performance of those services for which he or she is trained; and
(ii) That each osteopathic physician assistant shall practice osteopathic medicine only under the supervision and control of an osteopathic physician licensed in this state, but such supervision and control shall not be construed to necessarily require the personal presence of the supervising physicians at the place where services are rendered. The board may authorize the use of alternative supervisors who are licensed either under chapter 18.57 or 18.71 RCW.
(3) Applicants for licensure shall file an application with the board on a form prepared by the secretary with the approval of the board, detailing the education, training, and experience of the physician assistant and such other information as the board may require. The application shall be accompanied by a fee determined by the secretary as provided in RCW 43.70.250 and 43.70.280. A surcharge of twenty-five dollars per year may be charged on each license renewal or issuance of a new license to be collected by the department of health for physician assistant participation in an impaired practitioner program. Each applicant shall furnish proof satisfactory to the board of the following:
(a) That the applicant has completed an accredited physician assistant program approved by the board and is eligible to take the examination approved by the board;
(b) That the applicant is of good moral character; and
(c) That the applicant is physically and mentally capable of practicing osteopathic medicine as an osteopathic physician assistant with reasonable skill and safety. The board may require any applicant to submit to such examination or examinations as it deems necessary to determine an applicant's physical and/or mental capability to safely practice as an osteopathic physician assistant.
(4) The board may approve, deny, or take other disciplinary action upon the application for a license as provided in the uniform disciplinary act, chapter 18.130 RCW. The license shall be renewed as determined under RCW 43.70.250 and 43.70.280.
(5) The board must request licensees to submit information about their current professional practice at the time of license renewal and licensees must provide the information requested. This information may include practice setting, medical specialty, board certification, or other relevant data determined by the board.
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