RCW 82.46.037 Maintenance of capital projectsUse of additional tax funds.
(1) A city or county that meets the requirements of subsection (2) of this section may use the greater of one hundred thousand dollars or twenty-five percent of available funds, but not to exceed one million dollars per year, from revenues collected under RCW 82.46.035 for:
(a) The maintenance of capital projects, as defined in RCW 82.46.035(5); or
(b) The planning, acquisition, construction, reconstruction, repair, replacement, rehabilitation, improvement, or maintenance of capital projects as defined in RCW 82.46.010(6)(b) that are not also included within the definition of capital projects in RCW 82.46.035(5).
(2) A city or county may use revenues pursuant to subsection (1) of this section if:
(a) The city or county prepares a written report demonstrating that it has or will have adequate funding from all sources of public funding to pay for all capital projects, as defined in RCW 82.46.035(5), identified in its capital facilities plan for the succeeding two-year period; and
(b) The city or county has not enacted, after September 26, 2015, any requirement on the listing, leasing, or sale of real property, unless the requirement is either specifically authorized by state or federal law or is a seller or landlord disclosure requirement pursuant to RCW 64.06.080.
(3) The report prepared under subsection (2)(a) of this section must: (a) Include information necessary to determine compliance with the requirements of subsection (2)(a) of this section; (b) identify how revenues collected under RCW 82.46.035 were used by the city or county during the prior two-year period; (c) identify how funds authorized under subsection (1) of this section will be used during the succeeding two-year period; and (d) identify what percentage of funding for capital projects within the city or county is attributable to revenues under RCW 82.46.035 compared to all other sources of capital project funding. The city or county must prepare and adopt the report as part of its regular, public budget process.
(4) The authority to use funds as authorized in this section is in addition to the authority to use funds pursuant to RCW 82.46.035(7), which remains in effect through December 31, 2016.
(5) For purposes of this section, "maintenance" means the use of funds for labor and materials that will preserve, prevent the decline of, or extend the useful life of a capital project. "Maintenance" does not include labor or material costs for routine operations of a capital project.
[2015 2nd sp.s. c 10 § 3.]