PDFRCW 4.08.170

Action to determine conflicting claims to propertyDisclaimer and deposit in court.

In any action commenced under RCW 4.08.160, the plaintiff may disclaim any interest in the money, property, or indebtedness, and deposit with the clerk of the court the full amount of such money or indebtedness, or other property, and he or she shall not be liable for any costs accruing in said action. And the clerks of the various courts shall receive and file such complaint, and all other officers shall execute the necessary processes to carry out the purposes of this section, and RCW 4.08.160 and 4.08.180, free from all charge to said plaintiff, and the court, in its discretion, shall determine the liability for costs of the action.
[ 2011 c 336 § 77; 1890 p 93 § 2; RRS § 200.]