PDFRCW 4.12.010

Actions to be commenced where subject is situated.

Actions for the following causes shall be commenced in the county in which the subject of the action, or some part thereof, is situated:
(1) For the recovery of, for the possession of, for the partition of, for the foreclosure of a mortgage on, or for the determination of all questions affecting the title, or for any injuries to real property.
(2) All questions involving the rights to the possession or title to any specific article of personal property, in which last mentioned class of cases, damages may also be awarded for the detention and for injury to such personal property.
[Code 1881 § 47; 1877 p 11 § 48; 1869 p 12 § 48; 1860 p 7 § 15; 1854 p 133 § 13; RRS § 204.]