PDFRCW 4.12.020

Actions to be tried in county where cause arose.

Actions for the following causes shall be tried in the county where the cause, or some part thereof, arose:
(1) For the recovery of a penalty or forfeiture imposed by statute;
(2) Against a public officer, or person specially appointed to execute his or her duties, for an act done by him or her in virtue of his or her office, or against a person who, by his or her command or in his or her aid, shall do anything touching the duties of such officer;
(3) For the recovery of damages for injuries to the person or for injury to personal property, the plaintiff shall have the option of suing either in the county in which the cause of action or some part thereof arose, or in the county in which the defendant resides, or if there be more than one defendant, where some one of the defendants resides, at the time of the commencement of the action.
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