PDFRCW 4.12.030

Grounds authorizing change of venue.

The court may, on motion, in the following cases, change the place of trial when it appears by affidavit, or other satisfactory proof:
(1) That the county designated in the complaint is not the proper county; or,
(2) That there is reason to believe that an impartial trial cannot be had therein; or,
(3) That the convenience of witnesses or the ends of justice would be forwarded by the change; or,
(4) That from any cause the judge is disqualified; which disqualification exists in either of the following cases: In an action or proceeding to which he or she is a party, or in which he or she is interested; when he or she is related to either party by consanguinity or affinity, within the third degree; when he or she has been of counsel for either party in the action or proceeding.
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