PDFRCW 4.16.060

Action on irrigation district bonds.

No action against any irrigation district organized under the laws of this state, or its officers, to enforce any right or claim arising out of the issuance or ownership of any negotiable bond, payable on a day certain, of the irrigation district, where such district is under contract with the United States, or any department or agency thereof, to sell its lands and its right, title and interest in its distribution canals and pipelines and its water rights, thereby necessitating the discontinuance of the district operation upon fulfillment of the contract, shall be brought after a period of six years from and after the maturity date of such bond.
[ 1939 c 57 § 1; RRS § 157-2.]


Reviser's note: Transitional proviso omitted. The proviso reads: "PROVIDED, That this section shall not apply to actions not otherwise barred on such irrigation district bonds heretofore issued, if the same shall be commenced within six (6) months after the taking effect of this act".