PDFRCW 4.64.030

Entry of judgmentForm of judgment summary.

(1) The clerk shall enter all judgments in the execution docket, subject to the direction of the court and shall specify clearly the amount to be recovered, the relief granted, or other determination of the action.
(2)(a) On the first page of each judgment which provides for the payment of money, including foreign judgments, judgments in rem, mandates of judgments, and judgments on garnishments, the following shall be succinctly summarized: The judgment creditor and the name of his or her attorney, the judgment debtor, the amount of the judgment, the interest owed to the date of the judgment, and the total of the taxable costs and attorney fees, if known at the time of the entry of the judgment, and in the entry of a foreign judgment, the filing and expiration dates of the judgment under the laws of the original jurisdiction.
(b) If the judgment provides for the award of any right, title, or interest in real property, the first page must also include an abbreviated legal description of the property in which the right, title, or interest was awarded by the judgment, including lot, block, plat, or section, township, and range, and reference to the judgment page number where the full legal description is included, if applicable; or the assessor's property tax parcel or account number, consistent with RCW 65.04.045(1) (f) and (g).
(c) If the judgment provides for damages arising from the ownership, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle as specified in RCW 46.29.270, the first page of the judgment summary must clearly state that the judgment is awarded pursuant to RCW 46.29.270 and that the clerk must give notice to the department of licensing as outlined in *RCW 46.29.310.
(3) If the attorney fees and costs are not included in the judgment, they shall be summarized in the cost bill when filed. The clerk may not enter a judgment, and a judgment does not take effect, until the judgment has a summary in compliance with this section. The clerk is not liable for an incorrect summary.
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Rules of court: Cf. CR 58(a), CR 58(b), CR 78(e).
*Reviser's note: RCW 46.29.310 was amended by 2016 c 93 § 5, requiring that the judgment creditor, rather than the clerk of the court, provide notice to the department of licensing.