PDFRCW 4.64.080

Entries in execution docket.

When entering a judgment in the execution docket, the clerk shall leave space on the same page, if practicable, in which the clerk shall enter, in the order in which they occur, all the proceedings subsequent to the judgment in the case until its final satisfaction, including when and to what county an execution is issued, when returned, and the return or the substance thereof. When the execution is levied on personal property which is returned unsold, the entry shall be: "levied (noting the date) on property not sold." When any sheriff shall furnish the clerk with a copy of any levy upon real estate on any judgment the minutes of which are entered in the execution docket, the entry shall be: "levied upon real estate," noting the date. When any execution issued to any other county is returned levied upon real estate in such county, the entry in the docket shall be, "levied on real estate of . . . . . ., in . . . . . . county," noting the date, county, and defendants whose estate is levied upon. When any money is paid, the amount and time when paid shall be entered. When a judgment is appealed, modified, discharged, or in any manner satisfied, the facts in respect thereto shall be entered. The parties interested may also assign or discharge such judgment on such execution docket. When the judgment is fully satisfied in any way, the clerk shall write the word "satisfied," in large letters across the face of the record of such judgment in the execution docket.
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