PDFRCW 5.44.060

Certified copies of recorded instruments as evidence.

Whenever any deed, conveyance, bond, mortgage or other writing, shall have been recorded or filed in pursuance of law, copies of record of such deed, conveyance, bond or other writing, duly certified by the officer having the lawful custody thereof, with the seal of the office annexed, if there be such seal, if there be no such seal, then with the official certificate of such officer, shall be received in evidence to all intents and purposes as the originals themselves.
[Code 1881 § 431; 1877 p 95 § 433; 1869 p 115 § 427; 1854 p 195 § 335; RRS § 1260.]


Deeds as evidence: RCW 84.64.180, 84.64.190.
Instruments to be recorded or filed: RCW 65.04.030.
Record of will as evidence: RCW 11.20.060.