PDFRCW 5.48.020

Methods to replace lost court records.

Whenever the record required by law of the proceedings, judgment or decree in any action or other proceeding of any court in this state in which a final judgment has been rendered, or any part thereof, is lost or destroyed by fire or otherwise, such court may, upon the application of any party interested therein, grant an order authorizing such record or parts thereof to be supplied or replaced
(1) by a certified copy of such original record, or part thereof, when the same can be obtained;
(2) by a duly certified copy of the record in the supreme court or court of appeals of such original record of any action or proceeding that may have been removed to the supreme court or court of appeals and remains recorded or filed in said courts;
(3) by the original pleadings, entries, papers and files in such action or proceeding when the same can be obtained;
(4) by an agreement in writing signed by all the parties to such action or proceeding, their representatives or attorneys, that a substituted copy of such original record is substantially correct.
[ 1971 c 81 § 25; 1890 p 338 § 2; RRS § 1271.]