PDFRCW 5.48.060

Replacement of lost or destroyed probate records.

In case of the loss or destruction by fire or otherwise of the records, or any part thereof, of any probate court or superior court having probate jurisdiction, the judge of any such court may proceed, upon its own motion, or upon application in writing of any party in interest, to restore the records, papers, and proceedings of either of said courts relating to the estates of deceased persons, including recorded wills, wills probated, or filed for probate in such courts, all marriage records and all other records and proceedings, and for the purpose of restoring said records, wills, papers, or proceedings, or any part thereof, may cause citations or other process to be issued to any and all parties to be designated by him or her, and may compel the attendance in court of any and all witnesses whose testimony may be necessary to the establishment of any such record or part thereof, and the production of any and all written or documentary evidence which may be by him or her deemed necessary in determining the true import and effect of the original records, will, paper, or other document belonging to the files of said courts; and may make such orders and decrees establishing such original record, will, paper, document or proceeding, or the substance thereof, as to him or her shall seem just and proper.
[ 2011 c 336 § 138; 1957 c 9 § 5; 1890 p 340 § 7; RRS § 1276.]


Reviser's note: Jurisdiction in probate matters now vested in superior courts, see state Constitution Art. 4 § 6 (Amendment 28) and Art. 27 § 10.