Chapter 6.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 6.25.010Application of chapter to district courts.
HTMLPDF 6.25.020Time for granting.
HTMLPDF 6.25.030Issuance of writGrounds.
HTMLPDF 6.25.040Grounds if debt not due.
HTMLPDF 6.25.050Procedure when debt not due.
HTMLPDF 6.25.060Application for writAffidavit.
HTMLPDF 6.25.070Issuance of writNoticeHearingIssuance without noticeForms for notice.
HTMLPDF 6.25.080Issuance of writAttachment bond.
HTMLPDF 6.25.090BondAdditional security.
HTMLPDF 6.25.100Action on bondDamages and attorney's fees.
HTMLPDF 6.25.110Contents of writLevy of attachment.
HTMLPDF 6.25.120Writs to different countiesSuccessive writs.
HTMLPDF 6.25.130WritNotation of time receivedOrder of execution.
HTMLPDF 6.25.140Manner of levy.
HTMLPDF 6.25.150Property may be followed to adjoining county.
HTMLPDF 6.25.160Sheriff's inventoryReturn.
HTMLPDF 6.25.170Examination of defendant as to property.
HTMLPDF 6.25.180Motion to discharge attachmentAffidavits in oppositionDischarge.
HTMLPDF 6.25.190Discharge of attachmentBondJudgment on bond.
HTMLPDF 6.25.220Sale of property before judgment.
HTMLPDF 6.25.230Custody of property or proceeds.
HTMLPDF 6.25.240Subjection of attached property to judgment.
HTMLPDF 6.25.250Procedure when attached property insufficient.
HTMLPDF 6.25.260Procedure where execution unsatisfied.
HTMLPDF 6.25.270Procedure when judgment is for defendant.
HTMLPDF 6.25.280Chapter to be liberally construedAmendments.