PDFRCW 6.25.110

Contents of writLevy of attachment.

The writ of attachment shall be directed to the sheriff of any county in which property of the defendant may be, and shall require the sheriff to attach and safely keep the property of such defendant within the county, to the requisite amount, which shall be stated in conformity with the affidavit. The sheriff shall in all cases attach the amount of property directed, if sufficient property not exempted from execution be found in the county, giving that in which the defendant has a legal and unquestionable title a preference over that in which title is doubtful or only equitable, and the sheriff shall as nearly as the circumstances of the case will permit, levy upon property fifty percent greater in valuation than the amount that the plaintiff in the affidavit claims to be due. When property is seized on attachment, the court may allow to the officer having charge thereof such compensation for the trouble and expenses in keeping the same as shall be reasonable and just.
[ 1987 c 442 § 811; 1886 p 41 § 9; RRS § 655. Prior: Code 1881 §§ 174-192; 1877 pp 35-40; 1873 pp 43-50; 1871 pp 9, 10; 1869 pp 41-47; 1863 pp 112-120; 1860 pp 30-36; 1854 pp 155-162. Formerly RCW 7.12.090.]