Chapter 6.44 RCW



HTMLPDF 6.44.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 6.44.020Scope.
HTMLPDF 6.44.030Variation by agreement.
HTMLPDF 6.44.040Determining money of the claim.
HTMLPDF 6.44.050Determining amount of the money of certain contract claims.
HTMLPDF 6.44.060Asserting and defending foreign-money claim.
HTMLPDF 6.44.070Judgments and awards on foreign-money claimsTimes of money conversionForm of judgment.
HTMLPDF 6.44.080Conversions of foreign money in distribution proceeding.
HTMLPDF 6.44.090Prejudgment and judgment interest.
HTMLPDF 6.44.100Enforcement of foreign judgments.
HTMLPDF 6.44.110Determining United States dollar value of foreign-money claims for limited purposes.
HTMLPDF 6.44.120Effect of currency revalorization.
HTMLPDF 6.44.130Supplementary general principles of law.
HTMLPDF 6.44.140Uniformity of application and construction.
HTMLPDF 6.44.901Short title.
HTMLPDF 6.44.902Effective date1991 c 153.
HTMLPDF 6.44.904Prospective application.