Chapter 7.05 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.05.010Scope of application.
HTMLPDF 7.05.020Definitions and rules of interpretation.
HTMLPDF 7.05.030International origin and general principles.
HTMLPDF 7.05.040Receipt of written communications.
HTMLPDF 7.05.050Waiver of right to object.
HTMLPDF 7.05.060Extent of court intervention.
HTMLPDF 7.05.070Court authority for certain functions of arbitration assistance and supervision.
HTMLPDF 7.05.080Arbitration agreementDefinition and form.
HTMLPDF 7.05.090Arbitration agreementSubstantive claim before court.
HTMLPDF 7.05.100Arbitration agreementInterim measures by court.
HTMLPDF 7.05.110Number of arbitratorsImmunity.
HTMLPDF 7.05.120Appointment of arbitrators.
HTMLPDF 7.05.130Disclosure requirementsGrounds for challenge.
HTMLPDF 7.05.140Challenge procedure.
HTMLPDF 7.05.150Failure or impossibility to act.
HTMLPDF 7.05.160Appointment of substitute arbitrator.
HTMLPDF 7.05.170Competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its own jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 7.05.180Power of arbitral tribunal to order interim measures.
HTMLPDF 7.05.190Conditions of granting interim measures.
HTMLPDF 7.05.200Application for preliminary ordersConditions for granting preliminary orders.
HTMLPDF 7.05.210Procedures for preliminary ordersExpiration of preliminary orders.
HTMLPDF 7.05.220Modification, suspension, termination of preliminary orders.
HTMLPDF 7.05.230Provision of security.
HTMLPDF 7.05.240Disclosures.
HTMLPDF 7.05.250Costs and damages.
HTMLPDF 7.05.260Recognition and enforcement of interim measures.
HTMLPDF 7.05.270Grounds for refusing recognition and enforcement.
HTMLPDF 7.05.280Court-ordered interim measures.
HTMLPDF 7.05.290Equal treatment of parties.
HTMLPDF 7.05.300Determination of rules and procedure.
HTMLPDF 7.05.310Place of arbitration.
HTMLPDF 7.05.320Commencement of arbitral proceedings.
HTMLPDF 7.05.330Language used in proceedings.
HTMLPDF 7.05.340Statement of claim and defense.
HTMLPDF 7.05.350Hearings and written proceedings.
HTMLPDF 7.05.360Default of a party.
HTMLPDF 7.05.370Expert appointed by arbitral tribunal.
HTMLPDF 7.05.380Court assistance in taking evidenceConsolidation.
HTMLPDF 7.05.390Rules applicable to substance of dispute.
HTMLPDF 7.05.400Decision making by panel of arbitrators.
HTMLPDF 7.05.410Settlement.
HTMLPDF 7.05.420Form and contents of award.
HTMLPDF 7.05.430Termination of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 7.05.440Correction and interpretation of awardAdditional award.
HTMLPDF 7.05.450Application for setting aside as exclusive recourse against arbitral award.
HTMLPDF 7.05.460Recognition and enforcement.
HTMLPDF 7.05.470Grounds for refusing recognition or enforcement.