PDFRCW 7.05.010

Scope of application.

(1) This chapter applies to international commercial arbitration, subject to any agreement between the United States and any other country or countries.
(2) The provisions of this chapter, except RCW 7.05.090, 7.05.100, 7.05.260, 7.05.270, 7.05.280, 7.05.460, and 7.05.470, apply only if the place of arbitration is in the territory of this state.
(3) An arbitration is international if:
(a) The parties to an arbitration agreement have, at the time of the conclusion of that agreement, their places of business in different countries;
(b) One of the following places is situated outside the country or countries in which the parties have their places of business:
(i) The place of arbitration if determined in, or pursuant to, the arbitration agreement; or
(ii) Any place where a substantial part of the obligations of the commercial relationship is to be performed or the place with which the subject matter of the dispute is most closely connected; or
(c) The parties have expressly agreed that the subject matter of the arbitration agreement relates to more than one country.
(4) For the purposes of subsection (3) of this section:
(a) If a party has more than one place of business, the place of business is that which has the closest relationship to the arbitration agreement; and
(b) If a party does not have a place of business, reference is to be made to the party's habitual residence.
(5) This chapter shall not affect any other law of this state by virtue of which certain disputes may not be submitted to arbitration or may be submitted to arbitration only according to provisions other than those of this chapter.
[ 2015 c 276 § 1.]