PDFRCW 7.36.250

Proceeding in forma pauperis.

Any person entitled to prosecute a writ of habeas corpus who, by reason of poverty is unable to pay the costs of such proceeding or give security therefor, may file in the court having original jurisdiction of the proceeding an affidavit setting forth such facts and that he or she believes himself or herself to be entitled to the redress sought. Upon the filing of such an affidavit the court may, if satisfied that the proceeding or appeal is instituted or taken in good faith, order that such proceeding, including appeal, may be prosecuted without prepayment of fees or costs or the giving of security therefor. This section also applies to filing fees assessed under RCW 36.18.016.
[ 2002 c 338 s 3; 1947 c 256 s 1; Rem. Supp. 1947 s 1085-1.]


Rules of court: RAP 16.15(f), 16.15(g).