PDFRCW 7.64.020

Application for deliveryOrder to show causePetitionHearing.

(1) At the time of filing the complaint or any time thereafter, the plaintiff may apply to the judge or court commissioner to issue an order directing the defendant to appear and show cause why an order putting the plaintiff in immediate possession of the personal property should not be issued.
(2) In support of the application, the plaintiff, or someone on the plaintiff's behalf, shall make an affidavit, or a declaration as permitted under chapter 5.50 RCW, showing:
(a) That the plaintiff is the owner of the property or is lawfully entitled to the possession of the property by virtue of a special property interest, including a security interest, specifically describing the property and interest;
(b) That the property is wrongfully detained by defendant;
(c) That the property has not been taken for a tax, assessment, or fine pursuant to a statute and has not been seized under an execution or attachment against the property of the plaintiff, or if so seized, that it is by law exempt from such seizure; and
(d) The approximate value of the property.
(3) The order to show cause shall state the date, time, and place of the hearing and contain a notice to the defendant that failure to promptly turn over possession of the property to the plaintiff or the sheriff, if an order awarding possession is issued under RCW 7.64.035(1), may subject the defendant to being held in contempt of court.
(4) A certified copy of the order to show cause, with a copy of the plaintiff's affidavit or declaration attached, shall be served upon the defendant no later than five days before the hearing date.
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