PDFRCW 9.41.129

Recordkeeping requirements.

The department of licensing shall keep copies or records of applications for concealed pistol licenses provided for in RCW 9.41.070, copies or records of applications for alien firearm licenses, copies or records of applications to purchase pistols or semiautomatic assault rifles provided for in RCW 9.41.090, and copies or records of pistol or semiautomatic assault rifle transfers provided for in RCW 9.41.110. The copies and records shall not be disclosed except as provided in RCW 42.56.240(4).
[ 2019 c 3 § 14 (Initiative Measure No. 1639, approved November 6, 2018); 2005 c 274 § 203; 1994 sp.s. c 7 § 417.]


FindingShort titleEffective datesImplementation2019 c 3 (Initiative Measure No. 1639): See notes following RCW 9.41.360.
FindingIntentSeverabilityEffective datesContingent expiration date1994 sp.s. c 7: See notes following RCW 43.70.540.